It is important to know what is where and where stuff has been. WareGator makes this easy for all members of your team to be able to see this with a few clicks of a button.

Item History

WareGator tracks each movement of an item or container through the system. On the details page for an item not only is the current status of the item displayed, but the entire transaction history of the item as it moved through your warehouse is displayed. You can see when and where it was received all the way to the point it was shipped.

Custom Actions

Sometimes it is important to keep track of actions you take with items that may not be directly related to moving an item. For those situations, WareGator provides the custom actions feature. You can define actions that your warehouse team may need to take on items while they are in your warehouse. Then those actions are tracked alongside the movements of the item in its transaction log.


It is important to be able to do a check to ensure what you link is in a location is actually there. WareGator allows you to create audits for a whole location or just part of it. Your team can then use the Warehouse App to perform the audit.

Discrepancy Management

For many businesses it is important to know when something is lost or found out of place. WareGator’s discrepancy management feature allows you to track those discrepancies and quickly resolve them. Each discrepancy and the steps taken to resolve the discrepancy are placed into each item’s transaction history.