Tired of having to repeatedly remind your team that you cannot store the matches next to the gasoline? Want to make sure that chilled items end up in the refrigerated section of your warehouse? Want to make sure items are placed into the warehouse in a manner that makes finding and picking them efficient and time-saving?

GatorSense helps you do all of that and more!


GatorSense allows you to define relationships between types of items in your warehouse and restrictions on what can and cannot go into each location. When your team is receiving or moving items around in the warehouse, GatorSense kicks in and makes sure those rules are complied with. It will tell users when they are trying to put items in places they cannot go and prevent them from doing it. It will even keep your team from assigning items to locations in the warehouse that are already full!

Even better, GatorSense will suggest optimal locations in the warehouse to place each item as it is received to help speed the receiving process along. With WareGator’s GatorSense, your team will become even more efficient and safe in its warehouse processing.