Our highly skilled team is here to lend their years of warehouse experience to help you when you need it. We actually guarantee it in our Service Level Agreement! Depending on the subscription level you choose we are available either 12 hours every day on weekdays or 24×7.

Start-Up Support

To help get you started our team will provide “start-up” sessions. Each new account is given a number of these sessions based upon the subscription level, but you can purchase as many more as you feel you need. During these 60-90 minute sessions you can have our team:

  • Work with you to set-up your account
  • Provide an online web portal training session to your administrators and managers
  • Provide an online training session for your warehouse team for using the warehouse application

If you want to provide your team a refresher training or train new team members you can always request an additional training session. Don’t do well with online sessions? You can ask for onsite training and account set-up support at just the cost of travel.

Multiple Support Options

WareGator comes with an extensive helpdesk library of help files and how-to guides to compliment our helpdesk system and support team. Larger accounts also get a dedicated Gator Handler (account manager) to be able to escalate calls to, ask questions and more.